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Posted on : 6/19/2012 3:08:23 PM
Subject : My Patients and Me - Anju Garg MD
Details : “Just watch television and wait to die”
was the answer I received when I asked how do you spend your day. "You see doc, I have these 4 teeth left , they are more in my way than of any help.
I buy a precooked chicken. When I am hungry I take a piece of it and literally suck on it.
I do use my gums to try to chew."

When I asked him: “Can I help you get a pair of dentures.”
He smiled and said “it will throw me in to temptation and I might want to live this miserable life longer than I should. I am 88 Years old. At this time I do not even want to talk to any body as I can’t control drooling from right side of my mouth. It is very embarrassing."

His face was full of thick, off-white, one cm size hair growing in a direction as if a hurricane had just hit his face. He is a very proud, self-respecting, straight-up good man and I look forward to seeing him whenever he comes in.
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