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We provide predominantly outpatient care. We prefer you make an appointment because it helps guarantee that we will be available to you the day you need us, but walk-ins are welcome. Onyour arrival, we will give you earliest available slot of time. You can call same day as well and we will give you same say appointment, most times.


Inpatient hospital care is provided by hospitalist doctors. We will help coordinate your care with them. For coordination, you need to contact us and tell us what you want us to do for you. You can leave a message at 850-270-2161, contact us by calling our offices, or e-mail us by using this website.

At the time of discharge from hospitals or emergency rooms, please tell them to send information to our office or fax it to 850-995-8810.


Level one - basic visit  $45

* Sick visit

* Maintenance medications except

   controlled medications

* School Physicals


Level two - intermediate visit $55

* Controlled  for ADHD, Anxiety, Pain treatment

   for one to two weeks

* DOT physical

* Female physical ( taking pap smear) 

 Level three - $ 80

* Marine physical

* Pain Treatment for 3-4 weeks ( rules)

For other services please check out web site which gives fee for procedures and other services

vDo not forget to take a receipt.

We want to be extremely reasonable and affordable, and are confident that our rates are very competitive. Check our fees in the service section.

We charge $30 for any return checks. Give us your feedback or suggestions at anytime.

Fee for follow up visits:

Return in first  businss day  $10 .

Return on 2nd day: fee is $15

Return on 3rd day $ 20

Return on 4th day $ 25

Return on 5th $ 30

Return on 6th $ 35

Return on 7th $ 40

Return after 7th day $45

If you have a written exemption for this fee, the written promise supper seed all above.

Weight Management :

First Visit : $ 100  which includes EKG and B-12 injection. ( Lab on your own )

Subsequent Visit $ 70 per visit per month


See our office locations and phone numbers.

Notice office hours. 

Monday-Friday: One or the other office is open from 8 AM to 8 PM (sometimes later).

Saturday: You can call from 8 AM to 12 Noon at the Pace office.

Urgent/Emergency Care: We prefer you go to nearest Emergency Room/Urgent Care Center, but if you feel it is urgent to contact us you may:

-Call 850-304-6369 or

-Leave a message on 850-270-2161 or

-E-mail us through this website using the “Contact Option” or “ Message  Option” tabs. We do check this site very frequently for messages.

Caution (On Leaving Messages): There will be 5 rings followed by long greeting message. We must say a few things to keep it legally correct. Leave the message. Speak slowly. Your message will get transcribed. We will call you back as soon as possible. Please refrain from calling repeatedly for the same reason. If there is an emergency, go to nearest Emergency Room.

Some call with an "I will get them by their neck" attitude. The telephone is not for this purpose. Additionally, you can use this website to send message. Do not forget to check our answer back; please acknowledge our response.


We do not have on-site laboratory. You are free to use any facility you like.

At present we have collaboration with Quest Diagnostics. We have negotiated low rates with them. The condition is that we need to charge and collect the lab fees in our office. You will be given a requisition form which you will take to the lab for blood drawn or other sample collection. When you have given the blood or samples to the lab we will contact the lab to get results and call you to inform you for further action.


You are free to use any facility you like.

We have negotiated a special low rate with Pensacola Open MRI.


We are not pain management doctors; therefore, we unfortunately cannot accept any patient with chronic pain (pain persistent for more than 90 days continuously).

We have had this policy for quite some time but still many patients repeatedly request Lortab. Please understand we have been here for several years and we have our share of established patients that we are trying to sort out and send them to pain management. Finding a pain management doctor is getting difficult in our community day by day. We can provide you non-narcotic options for chronic pain but please do not sneak in your request for Lortab, Soma or Xanax etc. Recent coverage by media as to how doctors who are treating patients with pain have been treated by law have made all of us all the more alert. Everybody seems have more knowledge about who can treat their chronic pain.


Anybody who is treated for any pain can be subjected to a Urine Drug Screen at any time.

Refusing to pay for the test in this situation may result in us denying any prescription of any pain medication or tranquiller. In that case, you will be asked to go to the Emergency Room.


Pediatric Care

Adolescent Care

Adult Care

Geriatric Care including evaluation for Dementia


School Physical

Work Physical

DOT Physical

Sports Physical

Marine Physical


Patient Education and counseling

Screening for diseases like for internal bleeding, tumors, Prostate, vision etc

Risk assessments

Smoke Cessation

Nutrition, Diet and Exercise Counseling

Flu shots

DPT shots


Breat Exam

Pap Smear

Gynecological Exam




Abscess Incision and Drainage

Biopsies of skin or superficial lesions


Ear wax removal

Foreign Body removal from skin and eye

In-growing Toe nail surgeries.

Laceration repairs

Drainage of joints like knee joints

Injections in joints, ligaments, nerve blocks, trigger points

Wart and mole removals

Skin tag removal

Education and co-ordination about all other surgeries and procedures if you need .


Ear infections, Ear Pain , Eye infection, Foreign Body

Headache , TMJ , Dizziness

Fever, Cold , Allergies

Asthma, Bronchitis, Cough, Shortness of breath, COPD

Chest pain , High Blood pressure, Heart conditions due to poor blood supply or abnormal beating of the heart, Artery Blockage, Vein Diseases

Peptic ulcers, infection , inflammations , Reflux disorders , Vomiting and diarrhea , Blood in Vomit or Stool.

Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Thyroid Problems

Common Infections, abscess, skin conditions

Urinary tract infections , bleeding

Routine Gynecology : Abnormal bleedings , Ovarian cysts , Vaginitis



Peak Flow Meter


Stool for Occult Blood

TB skin test

Urine Analysis by strip

Blood Sugar test by strip


By appointment only.

Generally $30 per page for paper/form fillings in addition to office fee of $45.

Evaluation: Please bring forms and ask for the fee. Do not depend upon answers obtained on telephone. Our non-provider staff cannot be given this important responsibility. Fee will be quoted by a provider after knowing what your needs are. Check our fee section for some of the examples.

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