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Posted on : 7/15/2013 10:43:19 PM
Subject : Satisfaction after using Suboxone- so far
Details :

Some people get in to trap of addiction to narcotics.  We are all addicted to some thing minor or major but when it start disrupting ones family, professional and social life, some thing need to or should be done. I knew that but I still shy away in starting Suboxone for its treatment. One of my patient friend encouraged me to look into it. Normally I am hard headed, (I can see that)but it got into me. I enrolled in training and eventually passed. Very reluctantly I made up my mind to start it. It is almost 2 months when we started it.  The results are dramatic and very rewarding to my soul. I can see the change in all of them. They are calmer. They are able to work and be better for their families. They share their life's story. They do not have to sell valuable stuff to get narcotics. Their family love them more.  What a satisfaction? It was not possible to organize it and do it without the encouragement and ever ready help of Anju,  Debbie and (hate to admit)  Peter. 

Posted by P K  Garg MD

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