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Posted on : 8/24/2013 11:18:26 PM
Subject : All kind of us, the people
Details :

Actual incidence 1

A  80 years of age , female, very kind patient came to my office all worried that her two dollar check was cleared from her account which she gave us about 3 weeks ago. That " I should get my money". She went to bank before stopping by in the bank branch to find out why this check was not cleared. I reassured her to work on it and was able to persuade her to go home and rest and do not worry about it.


Contrast of Incidence 1

45 years of age man come the reception window. I hear sounds. I started going towards window. Ask him what can we do for him. He points finger on receptionist and tells me, she is the one who is holding me. Further we found out, he wanted  " I give  home a shot ( he brought bottle of injectable with him) and receptionist wanted to register him for a nurse visit.

Our manager take him from window to a room . He said he comes every month and get such shot. He never paid for syrnge or any thing in past one year. That one particular person always took care of him. Maximum it could have been a nurse visit. He did not agree with us and left saying he is going to stop his blood pressure and cholesterol medicine too. He was adviced  not to do it. But he left saying he most definitely do it.



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