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Posted on : 8/28/2013 9:14:26 PM
Subject : Don't be old, if you do, be bold : Nupur Garg MD
Details : As people age, they are victims of gradual changes in their body that may be difficult to perceive. For example, many people will hear sounds differently than they may have at the age of 20. The sounds they hear are not only less loud but they are also less clear. In addition, eyesight can worsen in different ways. Some people will not be able to see as well in the dark and other people will have blurry vision no matter what corrective lenses they attempt. These changes begin when people are young and accumulate over time. Therefore, people learn to adjust to their changing senses and may go for a long time without seeking help, even though their decreased ability to see or hear may be affecting them significantly. The good news is that there are several aids that can help with both hearing and seeing. It is also important to have regular exams, especially as one ages, to check for these losses and others that have happened over time. Hearing and eyesight are just two of the most notable ones. Some people will also have a decrease in their sense of feeling and inability to remember things, which may be indicative of more serious conditions other than just aging. Subtle changes over time have significant impact on daily activities. It is important to address these issues with our loved ones and ensure that they are receiving the best care for their age-specific needs. 
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