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Posted on : 7/13/2014 12:25:18 AM
Subject : Reactions about the increase in fee to $45
Details : It has been 2 days. Most patients were very supportive. Many said why not $50 per visit. All seems to agree. One person says the sign board is still saying $40 per visit. He paid only $40. So far signs have been put inside the building. Out side ( Road Signs) are old and getting faded badly. New signs will cost $800 to $1000 per sign two sided, if we go by what we paid last time. That means we have to have 600 patients visits to make it up with your payment of $5 dollars per visit, for which we are grateful.  When I make some friends aware to get their point of view, I often here them say "Oh it is not worth for me to do business like this". Yes, it is a business when it comes to paying employees, insurances, taxes, licenses, supplies, services etc but what keeps us fired is the ability to be in a position to help whatever we can do with our bodies, knowledge and experience, so kindly given by GOD, in the limits of rules and regulations of society. 
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