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Posted on : 7/28/2014 10:38:03 PM
Subject : Matter Trust - following is common in our office for many years
Details : In exam room in my office, patient and her husband
interaction was making me uneasy. He and then she gave me a history.
said if I write a prescription of CT scan of Rt shoulder and left hip ,  " the ER doctor first in SRMC then he changed to Jay hospital will do it
immediately as long as they bring prescription from their Primary Physician". I could not believe  it. They have nothing from the doctor in
ER, in writing. I tried to explain to them the pre-approval process. They
insisted. I wrote an order and send them their way but wrote their story on request so that the radiologist may not call me a quack asking for CT and MRI, both of two joints at one time. Medically it seems illogical to me. I received a call
from Jay hospital saying did we take a pre-approval. Then I was told
that patient did not go to any ER and no ER doc has advised them, or said any thing to them. They just made up a story. I am discharging this patient from my practice.
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