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Posted on : 8/17/2012 10:02:38 AM
Subject : Lessons learned from Patients
Details :

1. Seen a  shirt with following

$  Bank of Dad  $

Sorry , Closed


2. Baclofen ( muscle relaxer )

Patient : I am feeling loopy,  kind of dizzy and disoriented

Me: are you taking any drugs or medication.

Patient : Um  ,  yes  indeed ,  I have a friend who gave me few Baclofen

We checked and Baclofen does causes mental symptoms ( confusion, dizziness, headache, nausea, fatigue, hypotension, hypotension, urinary frequency,  seizure,  hallucinations )  


3.  Dressing material

When I was explaining a person that he will have to do dressing of his wound in the leg, he said I do not have a penny but  he said ( with confidence) "  I will ask in my church, they will give it to me"

Editorial: This patient is totally dependent on welfare of the state and might have insignificant financial contribution to the institution of church but had confidence that they will help him. This is a lesson to be learned by other societies, communities and families,if we need to reduce the depair, deprevation, neglect, and despiration in people of that group.


4. Race to death

One patient wants me to put it this blog:

" When we are Born, we start racing towards the Death"

5. Bad Judgement or what ?

On the day when the hurricane Issac was suppose to torment us, our office was closed early due to no patient present  to be seen. It did not decrease the number of calls coming in. One of them was from a gentleman who wanted to have a DOT physical " today" no matter what. We discussed. Having physical tomorrow was not liked by him. I called my support staff, make them come to Night Clinic for that physical. We thought we are very sensitive to patients need and if we can do it with some inconvenience and cost to us, we should do it. When I was about to start from my home for office,  I called him to check if he is coming. He said he is already two miles away from his house and that he is coming.  He never showed up. Switched his phone too. I hope he and his telephone are safe. May be it was our bad Karma. But when you complain about doctors in America, think of this example. Patient and there families will answer whenever it is convenient for them even if a doctor is calling them. But they will get mad, if doctor or his office do not respond to them spontaneously. There  is already talk about significant indifference and apathy among doctors and hospitals but think about it, how does it develop and grow. If many many people behave this way, you will be met with sensitiveness whether one say or don't say.

6. Care with scare.

If you will sue all the times, you will get adversarial care out of scare, you may call it care with scare. 

7. One patient had a shirt with following logo

Live  Laugh  Love





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